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As Is

November 12th, 2012

Electrical outlets to nowhere. Light switches not connected to any light. Tobacco smoke and tar stains on the walls and ceiling. Floors that aren’t level. Carpet that needs cleaning. And it all needs painting. It hasn’t rained yet so we don’t know where the leaks are but we know a new roof is in order sooner than later.

The windows are nice and new. We look through them every time we find another quirk in the house. The view of the lake reminds us why we’re here.

And why we think it’s worth the effort.

My wife Brooke and I recently closed on a fixer upper house at the lake. The obvious question before buying a fixer upper is “are we up to fixing it?” I’m not a handyman. I’m the guy who makes all the orange apron people at Home Depot feel brilliant about themselves. Thankfully, Brooke is quite accomplished at home remodels. As she puts it, she’s “great at dressing a pig”. After about a month of constant work, the place is taking shape.

During this initial clean up and repair phase when we find another problem (like why the garbage disposal has to be on to run the dishwasher) we say to each other, “As is!” It’s becoming a mantra. “As is. As is. As is.” See, we bought the house “as is”. That way we got a better deal on the price. “As is” means we accepted the home inspector’s (lengthy) report as to what repairs and improvements needed to be made. Some immediately, some cosmetic and some necessary to bring the house up to code.

We like our “new” old house. It’s the quirks that give it personality. Yet we like it too much to leave it “as is”. We see the potential that’s here. We know what it can look like with some improvements. We know that the mess we bought is worth the blood (I’m not the best with tools) and sweat and elbow grease we’re putting into it. Because our vision for this place is so much more than what we see today.

I’ve been thinking about that phrase, “as is”. As much as this house is a project, it’s nothing compared to the piece of work that is my life. I’m a mess. God knows that right well. That’s why it’s amazing to me that He bought me “as is”. Or, as Romans 5:8 puts it, “God showed His great love toward us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” Literally, while “we were still sinning”.

God didn’t say, “Clean up the mess, put on some fresh paint, make the repairs, get an appraisal and maybe I’ll make an offer.” He bought us “as is”. And paid full price. Because it was full price or nothing.

God loves us. Too much to leave us as He found us. He knows our frame. And He also knows our potential. He promises to continue to perfect the good work He began in us until the day of Christ Jesus.” (Phil 1:6) Which is to say He will never stop working on us. Always lovingly shaping us into the image of His son Jesus.

Wherever you are in your life, be encouraged. God loves and accepts you “as is”. He knows your full potential and He’s the only One able to help you fulfill it. It’s time to buy in to His vision for your life. God delights in you. He knows what you can become.

And He thinks you’re very much worth the effort.

Todd A. Thompson – ASliceOfLifeToGo.com



“Lord, I hear You knockin’. Knockin’ at the door. How long have You been waiting? Seems I’ve never really heard You before. I’ve kind of let the place go. I’m ashamed at what you’ll find. But You can make Yourself at home, if You’re sure that You don’t mind.”

“Because when I cry, the roof leaks. And when the wind blows, the walls are weak. But a house is known by the company it keeps. And I feel better now that You’re near. And I want to make it clear…Jesus, from now on, You’re always welcome here.”

“There are dark rooms deep inside me where light has never shown. And I’ve tried to hide inside them, but I guess You’ve always known. That one day You would call me and I’d awaken from my sleep and You’d take me just the way I am. And You promise me You’ll keep me.

“Because when I cry, the roof leaks. And when the wind blows, the walls are weak. But a house is known by the company it keeps. And I feel better now that you’re near. And I want to make it clear. Jesus from now on, You’re always welcome here. Jesus, from now on, you’re always welcome here.”

You’re Welcome Here – Bob Bennett