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Facebook Quiz

March 21st, 2009

Have you noticed all the quizzes on Facebook lately?

What Star Wars character are you?

Where in the world should you be living?

What historical figure are you?

What Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavor are you?

What are you born to do?

What is your Smurf name?

Which Peanuts character are you?

Which Superhero are you?

What color are you?

I wonder…do these quizzes all work together to form a composite reality? Can you be Linus and Captain America? If so, does the blanket go behind the shield? Can you be orange and still have a Smurf name? Or perhaps more importantly, can you be blue and not have a Smurf name? And if you are Darth Vader, does being Ben and Jerry’s “Mission to Marzipan” cause people to laugh at you behind your cape? Does your foofy flavor choice reduce your credibility as ruler of the Death Star?

To borrow from The Carpenters, we’ve only just begun. The personality quiz possibilities are endless.

“What Car Are You? ” – “A 1973 Pinto…moody, unreliable and blows up when bumped.”

“What Dessert Are You?” – “You are Cherries Jubilee. A fiery personality displayed on special occasions and only after copious amounts of brandy.”

I grew up in Iowa. How about “What Farm Chemical Are You?” – “You are Roundup. A systemic, broad spectrum relationship inhibitor.”

I can’t wait to see what comparative personality analysis will pop up next. Why, by this time next week I may may become more self-aware by knowing “What Garden Tool Are (I) You (Am)?”

Could the combined insight of these quizzes be put to use for singles seeking a mate? Would, for example, a “Yoda Phish Food Red Aqua Man born to be a detective who should be living in Norway” person be compatible with a “Princess Leah Mango Mango Yellow Batgirl born to be a nurse who should be living in Ireland” person? Maybe. But probably only if Yoda remembers not to leave his wet towels on the floor and Leah doesn’t bring her Jabba the Hut mother into the marriage.

Goofy as they are, these quizzes populate Facebook and other social networking sites because we are innately curious and fascinated with the prospect of discovering something new about ourselves. A fresh observation as to what makes us tick. Or what ticks us off. If we can put a handle or a label on it, it’s easier to manage. Insight gained, be it of ourselves or our friends, deepens the relationship. And if not deepens it, then at least greases the wheels and helps us understand one another better.

For all the time killing fun a Facebook quiz can be, there’s things I’d really like to know about the people in my friend block. And not so much about them as what they’ve learned along the way that’s made them who they are. Knowing they are a Luke Skywalker Chunky Monkey doesn’t help me as much as hearing what they learned from the experience of career imposed relocation. Or losing a parent. Seeing an update that my friend is most like William Shakespeare and should be living in South Africa doesn’t help me as much as it would to hear what he learned about commitment in his marriage when enduring a long period of unemployment. Or watching their child suffer with a terminal illness.

Go ahead. Take the quizzes. They are all in good fun. But next time you see your Winston Churchill Red Superman Chocolate Therapy friend on your status update, remember they are a person with life experience and wisdom that you don’t have. And how much richer you would be to learn from them.

Who knows? Maybe, just maybe, we could use this incredible networking tool called Facebook to discover a mother lode of life lessons learned.

And wisdom shared.

Todd A. Thompson – www.ASliceOfLifeToGo.com