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Faith – Part 1

March 11th, 2009

Are you staring down an impossible circumstance?

Have you dreamed and hoped for something for so long that your soul is running on fumes?

Does it seem like God is not taking your calls?

They were by all accounts an extremely successful couple. Well respected in their community and at the top of everyone’s dinner guest list. Abraham had established himself early and often as an up and coming executive in the Mesopotamian business community. His management talent was quickly recognized in the company and as his responsibility grew, so did his salary. Abe was a guy you could count on. A self-starter. Initiative. Drive. Abe was the complete package. His boss loved that.

With Abe doing so well, Sarah was able to offer her services doing volunteer work for the Women’s League. She shopped at Nordstrom’s, attended the occasional high tea with her friends down at the Biltmore and had season tickets to the symphony. And when she wasn’t out bettering the community, she spent dreamy afternoons on the front porch swing flipping through Jenny Lind catalogs, picking out the crib and changing table she would order for when the babies started coming. They’d gotten off to a great start with their four bedroom split level in the new development down by the golf course. They’d even been able to take an anniversary vacation together on a Mediterranean cruise. Everything in their life was so perfect that it had to be just a matter of time before she would some evening sneak up behind Abraham in his BarcoLounger and surprise him with the plastic stick with the little window telling him he was going to be a Daddy.

It had to be just a matter of time. And it was. A very long time. As the next few years passed Sarah looked at a calendar only to mark time by what day it was in her cycle. She  had gone ahead and ordered the baby furniture and wallpapered the nursery in classic Winnie the Pooh thinking that way she would be ready when the time came. But after lengthy and expensive medical consultations with leading fertility experts, every second opinion they sought told them the same thing. The nursery furniture would be good as new for a long time because there weren’t going to be any babies.

Not now.

Not ever.

Some of the docs thought it was the endometriosis. Some thought it was the blockage in both her Fallopian tubes. Whatever it was or wasn’t, the only thing Sarah would be surprising Abraham with from now on would be new recipes she clipped from Women’s Day.

After that, life just settled into a routine. With every promotion at work and every appointment to civic leadership, their roots went deeper into the community. Sarah poured herself into being a leading citizen. She sold the baby furniture on a garage sale and turned the nursery into an office. The wall behind the fax machine was full of framed black and white photographs of herself with dignitaries and celebrities. There were appreciation plaques for faithful service where Tigger, Piglet, and Rabbit used to be. It had taken some time but Sarah felt, if not comfortable, at least not out of place in her leather executive chair. Yet on those late nights when she couldn’t sleep, she would slip out to the four season porch and sit in the padded glider rocker she couldn’t bear to sell at the garage sale.

Dreams die hard.

As for Abraham, after years of trying he finally got  his yard landscaped exactly the way he’d always wanted it. He had lots of free time to weed and feed his lawn now because he was his own boss. A highly paid corporate consultant with a fat financial portfolio that made it easy to play tennis if he didn’t feel like getting paid $10,000 plus expenses to tell some Fortune 500 company how to stay on top.  At 75 years old, Abraham had Sarah, his health, his wealth, and his front porch.

Just when Abraham figured he’d live out the rest of his days pruning his rose bushes, sinking a few birdie putts and enjoying quiet evenings on the swing with Sarah, he got a phone call. It was one of those out of the blue “Honey, you’ll never guess who that was” phone calls. When Sarah heard her husband say that, she rolled her eyes and ran through the mental list of old college friends they hadn’t gotten a Christmas card from in some years. But this wasn’t a long lost fraternity buddy on the line.

It was God.

Friends, when our expectations of how life is supposed to be bumps against God’s plans for us, something has to give. We’ll either hang on to the way we want it and wish it to be, or we’ll open our heads and our hearts to whatever ideas God has for us. Sometimes our dreams have to die before we’re ready to listen.

There is a difference between living by faith and living by probability. We often confuse the two.

Faith? Or probability?

Abraham and Sarah are about to learn the difference.

Tomorrow…“Faith – Part 2”

Todd A. Thompson – www.ASliceOfLifeToGo.com