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The Challenge Of Parenting (Audio Message)

June 12th, 2005

Before we have kids, parenting is a black and white process. Like a textbook or a flow chart you put on the refrigerator door. On any particular issue, if “yes” follow this arrow. If “no”, follow this arrow.

But then the baby comes and you realize babies don’t read books and they don’t do flow charts. This bundle of joy is also a bundle of will. A little pink baby blanket burrito with a mind of her own.

How do we raise our babies into toddlers into kids who know who they are, are who they are, and like who they are?

The challenge of parenting, including a word to those who long for children but for reasons of infertility and otherwise, don’t yet have any.

(Presented to Hope Covenant Church – Chandler, AZ – 6/12/2005)